Elkhart Central High School

Elkhart Central High School has housed about 25 homeless people who needed to isolate due to COVID-19 infections. 

ELKHART — Homeless people in need of isolation due to COVID-19 have been finding temporary shelter at Elkhart Central High School, an arrangement now being criticized.

Elkhart Community Schools made the agreement with Elkhart County Emergency Management on April 6 for the use of Elkhart Central’s two adjacent gym spaces, lobby and locker rooms that would be used to house homeless people during the pandemic, according to Elkhart Community Schools superintendent Steve Thalheimer.

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Where do the Henkes of the world get their lofty perches to look down on the rest of humanity and judge? The job is being done. None of the staff has gotten sick. Where were they when the decision to house homeless folks had to be made? And do the Henkes think the Covid 19 virus will live on indefinitely in the school building? Perhaps I am naive, but I don't see any source for liability here. I think some of these folks are angry because it wasn't their idea in the first place.

Joe King

agree 100%. Henke is a public servant? He just wants to use RV's so they have to be rented or purchased to support his good old boys.... I wish Henke would support the poor and the homeless and support shelters...wait, that will take away money from his rentals....Glad something is being done to help these people and prevent them from spreading and getting more sick.


How exactly do you support the poor and homeless Joe? Have you invited any to stay with you or do you just run your mouth from your very secure basement bunker.?

Joe King

I donate money to help them. Duh....


So what will happen if this debacle continues into August?

Joe King

Hey fire...Trump said it will magically disappear by then... Are you saying he lied?

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