Elkhart Truth time capsule buried at Civic Plaza, Aug. 15, 1992

A time capsule at Elkhart’s Civic Plaza was last seen in August 1992 when Elkhart Truth and City of Elkhart officials, including then-Mayor James Perron, left, placed it within a wall at the Civic Plaza.

ELKHART — A time capsule buried 28 years ago was supposed to resurface in 2020 but may remain hidden for 30 more years.

The time capsule was placed inside one of the decorative walls with inscribed bricks at the Elkhart Civic Plaza in the summer of 1992 as part of The Elkhart Truth’s multiyear commemoration of its founding in 1889. The Truth and the City of Elkhart partnered for the project and the Park a Brick concept that allowed residents and businesses to pay for an inscription on one of the bricks used for the walls.

Truth time capsule 2020 or 2050 at Civic Plaza

The Elkhart Truth time capsule buried within this wall at the Civic Plaza was originally supposed to be opened in 2020. Plans have changed so that the capsule should not be opened in 2050, though it may have to be moved, as there are plans to remove the wall and change the Civic Plaza.

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