Steve Thalheimer, Byron Sanders, Dan Funston superintendents breakfast

Elkhart-area school superintendents, from left, Steve Thalheimer, Byron Sanders and Dan Funston give an audience invited by the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce their takes on how schools can best prepare students for post-secondary education or becoming part of the workforce.

ELKHART — What is the future of education, and how do local schools navigate the changing needs of students and their future employers?

Those were some of the key topics discussed Thursday morning by the superintendents of Elkhart, Concord and Baugo community schools, speaking in front of an audience invited by the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce.

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Cheryl W.

I agree Casey! Excellent planning on the part of ECS to provide opportunities for both college and career bound students! And doing all of this with less money/support. Giving choice to students tied to interests! The employees are awesome from pre-school on up! Excellent planning to assure we have dual credit programs for students meeting the needs of students! Great job! Great schools.


The #1 thing kids need are supportive parents all the way thru the school years that are actively involved in their individual success. Too many parents use school as babysitters, then blame school staff when their poorly parented kids aren't doing well...


Bingo, we have a winner.

Cheryl W.

Yes, and thank you to all of the supportive and involved parents!


There are great things happening in the Elkhart area school districts. Thank you to all the hard working teachers, support staff, and administrators. Thanks for all of your hard work and for continuing to take care of our children. I'm looking forward to watching my children grow in our schools and for them to be able to take advantage of these great programs.

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