Kendall McGee stop the violence rally 07-30-2021

The Village cofounder Kendall McGee told the more than 50 people at an anti-violence rally Friday that the community needs to take action if the number of shootings involving young people is going to come down.

ELKHART — A group of Elkhart residents and politicians say they have had enough of shootings, and especially shootings involving children.

“I quit going to kid funerals,” Kendall McGee said during the anti-violence rally Friday at The Roosevelt Center. “I’m tired of that s---. We’ve got to wake up and say something.”

Rod Roberson stop the violence rally 07-30-2021

Mayor Rod Roberson asked the crowd at an anti-violence rally on Friday how many knew someone who had died from gun violence and how many know someone who is carrying a weapon. In both cases, more than half the crowd appeared to raise their hands.

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