Portage Place drone photo

The former Alick’s site in the 900 block of Jackson Boulevard still has no construction, though the groundbreaking ceremony was in December. Developers have now gotten an extension to begin construction in January.

ELKHART — Construction of high-end condominiums in Elkhart’s River District was postponed again Tuesday, and the project has once again grown smaller.

With the new half-year extension, which came after a recently expired three-month extension from earlier this year, construction might not begin much earlier than developers had originally hoped to have the condominiums completed.

Portage Place drawing

This drawing shows what the Portage Place condominiums might look like.

River District multi-use

This rendering shows what the multi-use buildings in front of the Aquatics Center could look like.

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Tom Shoff

I agree with Joe. It is time for the Redevelopment Commission to pull the plug on the Condo project and allow the Elkhart Rowing Club to proceed with their boat-house and public park. The community would be far better served.

Joe King

Time to cut the city’s losses and end this debacle..it gets smaller and smaller, the money promised in tax revenues get smaller and smaller, and there is no public easement or access as initially required in the request to bid. They have changed everything they initially said they were going to do...does this not mean they breached their responsibility? The boat club would have had it built by now..... the city needs to cancel this and open it up for bids again.. the public deserves better and it could serve more people

Louise Baker

Sounds good to me!


While there are plenty of people in Elkhart that CAN afford these, Who would pay 800K for a condo in Elkhart? Especially as they advertised before that you are buying a shell that you have to further finish to taste on the inside? I surely wouldn't commit to anything here till we see what happens in November !

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