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The Elkhart County courts building in Elkhart, along with the one in Goshen, does not live up to modern standards. Mayor Rod Roberson wants a new consolidated facility to be in downtown Elkhart.

ELKHART — Mayor Rod Roberson has not given up on keeping Elkhart County courts in the City of Elkhart.

“It sounds as if decisions are being made with that courts building that’s going to impact downtown Elkhart very profoundly, and that is concerning,” Roberson said.

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SanFran Kid

Charles Wick 41 years,if you run as a Republican in this county its a career


psssst! Wicks lost in the primary! He got "voted" out!


If security is a major concern, the new court complex should be located close to the county jail. There is vacant land just west of the jail.

SanFran Kid

Who cares what the judges want,it should be about the convenience of the citzens,not for the convenience of career judges.The county coimmission always favors Goshen devvelopment over the city of Elkhart

Adam Bujalski

Actually the preferred location is in the city of Elkhart on CR17. Easy access from all major roads and will drive new hospitality options within city limits as well. I agree we need to listen to more than current judges as this facility will be used by current and future judiciaries. However, the buildings currently housing the courts are outdated, inefficient and do not fit the needs for courts nor defendants.


Career judges? Hmmm.... I thought judges were elected by the people they serve!

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