Tolson Center

This plan shows how the Tolson Center could be improved by adding 25,000 square feet to the building and creating new outdoor facilities such as a multipurpose turf field.

ELKHART — There was crying, laughing and a sense of hope for Elkhart when residents got to speak on plans to invest $10 million in expanding the Tolson Center.

At a public hearing at City Hall on Wednesday evening, 18 people spoke in favor of the plans and the city investing $5 million for the construction. One person spoke against.

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Time to sell that commercial property if the value has increased 30%! Right? By low sell high! No property taxes either!


Property is not worth what it is valued at, period.


It's called supply and demand! I know little about available commercial property value. But most homes are selling very quickly. Some the same day as listing!


I support the concept of the Tolson center. I think that it would be better in the long run to build a completely new building with room for expansion at 6th & Garfield or some other suitable location. The existing building can provide services to the community until the new building is completed. The new building would be more energy friendly.


Since I no longer live in Elkhart full time, I am not as aware as I'd like to be about actvities in the city. If my understanding is correct, a primary issue with the Tolson Center is that it had become a hangout for drug dealers and gang activity. Upgrading the property will make a difference, but someone needs to make sure it doesn't fall into the category of a hangout again. The potential for a place like Tolson is huge. I'd like to see it actually become the beacon of light and help that it has been represented as being.


Mr Hinton...There are only 2 ways your taxes are raised. #1 Is that you were not assessed the correct value of your property in the first place. # 2 Your property is worth more than years ago. You can not be assessed in excess of 1% of the value of your property. That law was passed in 2010 and is now part of the Indiana Constitution!


Except now the Assessors have went off the deep end in the last 2 years and many properties are now assessed for more than market sales value...I'd love to sell mine for what it is assessed for....Try fighting that !


You have the right to argue your assessed value. Do your home work. Have proof to back your cause. I did and succeeded.


The day to day MLS list price for a 3 BR 2 bath in Elk. Co. is $187,198. K County $261,707, St Joe county $171,121. All down 2% in value! 2/27/20


It is much worse for commercial property. Twenty to thirty percent increase over the last 4 years, only because buildings are in short supply.

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