ELKHART — A proposed public safety complex that would bring the city’s police, fire administration and 911 dispatch center under one roof could be broken up to keep department facilities separate.

Mayor Rod Roberson said that, while the city is still planning to have the three departments in one new complex, he has become open to the idea of changing that plan.

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Whatever location is chosen should have vacant land available on site for future expansion.


I wasn't enthralled with the Bayer site for a few reasons. First police and fire need Not be in the same building. There are new inventions. Telephones and computers! It's almost like being in the same building. The PD chiefs worries about added foot traffic. The plan @ Bayer didn't propose firefighters and rigs present there. Conference and training way up north. Try driving a fire rig from almost the airport area to the southwest corner of the city to save a heart attack sufferer! I may be wrong but there just isn't much public traffic in and out of EFD . And hardly any @ the 911 complex. It's heavily protected! So the new mayor has some planning to do! Get all your ducks in a row Mr Mayor!


So the Chief of Police and the Chief of Fire were consulted but the 911 director wasn't even talked to about the situation of excluding 911 from the "Public Safety Complex?" I would think that all three should be involved in talks about their departments future, it seems kind of crappy for the 911 director to be asked for comment by the newspaper as the way to find out they are being removed from the public safety complex.

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