A member of Memphis Underground made sure that those following the Elkhart River Queen in the Independence Day flotilla got to hear some music on Saturday.

ELKHART — The St. Joseph River Association’s 2021 Independence Day flotilla took place on Saturday, naming six boats as winners in the 45th annual event.

Led by the Elkhart River Queen, the flotilla headed downstream from the Six Span bridge. The 94 passengers aboard the Elkhart River Queen acted as judges for the best decorated boat contest.

Viking flotilla 2021

This Viking ship by Marcia Tudor and David Ledden and Cori, Mike and Natalie Edmisten took first place in the best decorated boat contest.

Flamingo paradise flotilla 2021

Tim, Carole and Annie Logan's Flamingo Paradise took second place in the best decorated boat contest.

Flotilla 2021

The upper St. Joseph River was crowded on Saturday for the river association’s 45th annual Independence Day flotilla, pictured here from the Elkhart River Queen.

Old west flotilla 2021

Mark, Stephanie, Max, Grace and Brooke Krol, Lilly Doyle, Mica Matsoff, Katie Meyer and Nick Martini won the Best TV Show or Movie category for "Once Upon a Time in the West."

Radio flyer flotilla 2021

Jeremy, Courtney, Ashli, Ben, Kennedy, McKinley, Tate, Tucker and Jaden Ramey won Best Vintage Boat for Radio Flyer.

Happy Birthday America flotilla 2021

Patrick Joyce, Cole and Ella Johnson and the Lemberis family won the Most Patriotic category for Happy Birthday USA.

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