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GOSHEN — As of 10 a.m. Friday, 489 people had been tested for COVID-19 by Goshen Health.

Goshen Health provided that number after it had been unclear how many have been tested for the virus in Elkhart County. With the 144 that had been tested at Elkhart General by Wednesday, the total number of people tested in the county is at least 633.

Of the 489 tests at Goshen Health, 200 have yet to return any results. Of those, 280 returned negative, while nine tests were positive.

Elkhart General Hospital has tested 265 people, it said Friday, not specifying how many tests had been processed. By Wednesday, 144 people had been tested and 44 tests had been processed.

Beacon Health System, which operates Elkhart General, did not respond to inquiries about why Goshen Health has been able to complete more tests than Elkhart General.

According to Dr. Daniel Nafziger, Goshen Hospital chief medical officer, Goshen Health gets its tests from Quest Diagnostics.

“Our leadership team has been working tirelessly for weeks to secure testing supplies. While our supply remains limited, it has remained somewhat stable allowing us to test efficiently through our drive-through testing site at our Urgent Care,” Nafziger said. “Our providers have been instrumental in helping us manage our testing supply by ensuring we are only testing those at moderate and high risk or healthcare workers who are needed to care for patients.”

Goshen Health encourages people with COVID-19 symptoms to call their own doctor.

“Their provider will understand the next best steps and can order a test at one of our sites if needed,” marketing specialist Liz Fisher said.

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