Elkhart General Hospital

ELKHART — An Indiana National Guard team arrived Wednesday at Elkhart General Hospital and will help the staff for at least a week.

The Indiana National Guard has created “Hospital Crisis Response” teams, in coordination with the Indiana State Department of Health, that are deployed to provide clinical and general support and assistance for staff at hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Elkhart General has 30 COVID-19 inpatients, which is the most of any Beacon Health System facility.

According to Beacon spokesperson Heidi Prescott, an 18-person specially trained team will be located at Elkhart General for at least one week, and possibly up to two, working alongside staff in several hospital departments.

“Our Beacon Health teams go out of their way to take on challenges and provide compassionate, high-quality care for our patients. We also know that during the pandemic our teams have been stretched, stressed and challenged to care for those who need us every day,” Prescott said in a written statement. “We are so glad we were able to secure this extra help and appreciate assistance from the Indiana National Guard.”

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Joe King

Please get vaccinated people. Listed to science and medical professionals. 2.7 billion people have gotten the vaccine. Its safe and it works. This is not about politics, this is about helping our doctors and nurses and support staff. And now the National Guard. Heck, even Fox news requires its staff to get it. Soon kids will be able to and we can all stop this.

Listen to science and medical professionals? OK. Well, the scientists and medical professionals a lot of us choose to listen to all say wait and see what the long term side effects are. Oh wait! LOL! You meant the science and medical professionals that you personally agree with. Sorry, but if you have to mock, bribe, and shame people, eneact legislation that prevents the pharmaceutical companies creating it from being sued, while at the same time refusing to reveal where the biolipids within the vaccine come from, that presents a problem.

Here's an idea. Maybe just be upfront and answer those issues. You catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar.

Joe King

Ummmmm, I should have said md and professionals not on youtube or tick tock. Pandemic of the ignorant, conspiracists, and gop.


The National Guard will do nothing but get in the way of people trying to do their job. Maybe they could be useful as transporters or security for the Emergency Room staff who are constantly harassed and abused by patients in search of pain meds. Another of Beacon’s desperate attempts to keep the fear going. Nothing more than a publicity stunt for Beacon.

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