Nappanee renovation would make council chambers ADA compliant


NAPPANEE — Nappanee City Council is looking to renovate its chambers in another step to make the downtown ADA-compliant.

Nappanee mayor Larry Thompson said that while a wheelchair can currently be wedged past the door where the board and council sit, it’s not enough space.

Nappanee Clerk-Treasurer Kathy Brown says the renovation money will come from Tax Increment Financing (TIF) funding, but since it’s still in the early stages of planning, she doesn’t know how much it will cost.

“We are wanting to do it as cost efficient as we can,” Brown said.

The renovation plan will be voted on during the Nappanee Board of Works meeting April 6.

If the plan is approved, the city will move forward with the bidding process, Brown said.

“It would most likely be May 1 before they we have bids,” she said.

The council chamber would be “flip-flopped” so that the seating of the chamber would be easily accessible for disabled citizens, she said. 

It would take approximately three weeks to renovate — and this is the first renovation since the building was constructed 40 years ago, she said.

“It’s kind of one of those things we’ve all talked about and we all know needs to be done,” Brown said.

Thompson says the city is also adding one ADA compliant parking space near the post office downtown. The city already has 16 handicapped parking spaces.

This is the second stage in making Nappanee more ADA-compliant, he said. The city started with a parking study four years ago and continued by making the doors of city hall ADA compliant last year, he said.

Check out current plans for the council chamber from Agape Designs below.


Nappanee City Council chamber renovation plan

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