The Place Where You Live: Phil Jenkins right guy for Nappanee


The Nappanee Common Council voted to approve H.J. Umbaugh Associates as the city’s financial planner for this upcoming year.

While the council members debated Monday, May 18, on the necessity a financial planner because of the expense, they decided to hire the firm.

“It makes sense to have a third set of eyes with a new mayor and a fairly new clerk-treasurer,” said Kathy Brown, Nappanee clerk-treasurer.

The cost of financial advising will not exceed $15,000, which Brown said will come out of the clerk-treasurer portion of the budget. 

Phil Jenkins, Republican nominee for mayor and Board of Public Works and Safety member, said he thought it would be a smart decision to hire a financial planner.

“I think it’d be money well spent, especially going through it the first time,” Jenkins said. “In protection of the city, to me it’s money well spent.”

The council also voted issue a $1.19 million bond, which will give the Downtown TIF district 10 more years.

This bond would be used for downtown projects such as improving lighting, sidewalks, alleys and centralized trash collection sites.

The Downtown TIF district was created in 1993 and is considered a legacy district. Unless extended, it will expire in 2025.

The bond now goes back to the redevelopment commission for the final vote in June.

Jenkins resigns

At the Nappanee Board of Public Works and Safety meeting Monday, Jenkins announced his resignation from the board, effective June 30.

Jenkins said he feels like it’s in his best interest to resign. While he acknowledged there could still be a Democratic candidate in the race for mayor, he thought it would be best to step down.

“It will allow me the opportunity to sit down with the mayor to discuss without quorum,” Jenkins said.

Mayor Larry Thompson said they will choose an interim replacement at the meeting June 1.


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