Multimillion dollar redevelopment project in Nappanee may be funded by TIF expansion


NAPPANEE — Nappanee is a step closer to expanding its consolidated Tax Increment Financing district, which city officials expect will help in a multimillion dollar redevelopment project.

The Nappanee plan commission voted for expanding the consolidated TIF district during their meeting Thursday, March 12.

The areas that would be added to the consolidated TIF district are the properties around the Nappanee airport, some properties on the north side of the city and some others to the west end of the city, said redevelopment commission attorney Craig Buche.

An economic development plan prepared by the redevelopment commission will create about 750 jobs and help improve the city’s infrastructure.

Some of the planned improvements include extending utilities to some of these properties, building new soccer fields, extending Lincoln Street to the west and potentially building a water tower.

The Nappanee redevelopment commission voted unanimously to expand the consolidated TIF district during their meeting Feb. 24. 

“The redevelopment commission’s approval has been unanimous,” Buche told the plan commission. “They have worked on this project for about two years.”

Jeff Kitson, executive director of the redevelopment commission, said the resolution will move to the city council, which will vote on it during their upcoming meeting at 6 p.m. Monday.

“We’re very thankful that the plan commission can see that redevelopment has worked hard to provide a future for Nappanee,” he said. 

The file below shows the resolution that was passed by the redevelopment commission during their meeting Feb. 24. 

Nappanee TIF district expansion

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