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NAPPANEE — Incumbent councilman Jacob Dermott wants to keep his at-large seat on the Nappanee City Council with the objective of continuing city programs that are already in motion, he said. 

Dermott said he hopes to continue business and development projects and other plans for Nappanee. He is running against Sheila Losee, a Republican. 

Dermott, 67, lives in Nappanee — and has his whole life — with his wife of 40 years and two children, he said. In fact, the only time he was ever away from Nappanee was when he served in the Air Force, which included 15 months in Taiwan.

In addition to the city council, Dermott has experience as precinct committeeman, served on the budget committee and as liaison to the fire department.

Dermott worked for NIBCO for 10 years and AM General military assembly plant for 10 years, he said. He’s in his fourth year of retirement but has held his council seat since 2012.

“We want to work together and I think we will,” he told The Elkhart Truth. “We are trying to keep the city clean and respectable for visitors and tourists. We do have a lot of visitors come to town, and want to keep the businesses in our town filled.” 

Business development is just one of Dermott’s areas of focus. Specifically, he cites local interest in developing the north end of Nappanee. 

Moreover, Dermott hopes to increase economic diversity in Nappanee. He hopes to break the image of catering to trailer production or being what he called a “bed and breakfast city.” 

“The main thing is, we have a lot of things going on and in the works,” he said. “We extended our sewer and water lines to the airport and we are trying to improve industrial works.” 

Dermott touted the school system in Nappanee, as well as the city’s diversity of people. 

“It’s a well-rounded little city,” he said.

A 24-year Air Force veteran, Dermott has been active in the Masonic Lodge for 35 years, reaching the 32nd degree of the Scottish Rite. He’s also involved with the American Legion, he said. 

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