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Dr. Dan Nafziger speaks during an online information session Monday.

NAPPANEE — Over 90,000 deaths to COVID-19 this year could have been prevented by vaccinations, Goshen Hospital’s chief medical officer told an online gathering Monday.

Dr. Dan Nafziger, who is also an infectious disease specialist, spoke during a virtual session hosted by ACT Nappanee-Wakarusa. Also speaking was Dr. Frank Lemus, a Reno-based therapist.

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Revolution 1776

I was at a concert at soldier field in September . I did not contract Covid. Guess I was the lucky 1%

My belief system is.. if bill gates says he wants to cull.the population through vaccines, I probably shouldn't take his vaccine


Another op-ed from self proclaimed local world renowned infectious disease expert. Why is this nor in the opinion section? This is not news, this is his personal opinion only. Why is the Truth printing this as news? The object is to spread fear so you will have some aborted fetus injected into your body. He needs a new job.

Joe King

This comment sums up perfectly why the right wing conspiracist are nutso....They don't know the difference between an actual expert, actual news, and actual facts... if they don't like it or understand it, or don't want to learn and understand it...they call it fake, an opinion. This is what's wrong with our nation...they are dumbing it down. Thank you Dr. Nafziger for your education, advice, and service. Ignore the uneducated trolls...they will go under their rocks soon.

Robert Maartin



Keep the drumbeat going Nafzigler. That is an outlandish guess on your part and meant to scare as many people as possible. How do you sleep at night?

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