Democrats: 'We used to win in this state'

Senate candidate Tom McDermott speaks during a Democratic candidate forum Tuesday in Nappanee.

NAPPANEE — Democratic candidates are hopeful that a bump in the number of women voters signals a chance for them to restore reproductive rights.

Candidates for national, state and township seats spoke Tuesday night at a forum sponsored by ACT Nappanee-Wakarusa. They included Tom McDermott for U.S. Senate and Paul Steury for the U.S. House, as well as Camden Chaffee for the Indiana House and Mindy Fountain for the State Senate.

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PS: The SCOTUS did NOT "strike down the right to abortion." It determined that the states should decide, not the federal government. WHY? because abortion is not a right under the US Constitution. It's just not. And SCOTUS recognized that fact. So please don't mischaracterize the decision. The RIGHT to decide on this issue was returned to the states. Where citizens actually have MORE control, not less.

Joe King

Tell that to the women in Indiana and every other backward thinking Republican state who just lost their right to a medical procedure. Roevember is coming. Women will remember and vote them out!


I hope she sees this bro [lol][lol][lol]


McDermott is a pretty bad attorney if he doesn't understand the SCOTUS decision. And apparently he doesn't. Democrats always mischaracterize concepts pertaining to rights.

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