ELKHART — A revamp of one of Elkhart’s main thoroughfares is about to begin, marked by a groundbreaking ceremony and speeches Wednesday at one intersection.

Benham Avenue, which is traveled by 12,000 to 15,000 motorists daily, is in for a makeover that will see the road go from four to three lanes, add bike paths on both sides and make it more comfortable for pedestrians to walk alongside the road.

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When are the powers to be going to understand, we care about how things WORK not about how they LOOK. The last thing we need to do is constrict more traffic....Along with Jackson st, I bet we will see it tore out w/in 2 more admins....


Great! 15,000 cars a day, on a 4 lane street, being funneled down to 1 lane north and 1 south. Yep a major north south traffic mover. Guess what else it moves. Emergency vehicles! At that intersection pictured there is one house of worship and an elementary school. A response to either addresses would bring a minimum of 9 huge vehicles. Imagine trying to wind a 40+ foot vehicle through traffic that has no right hand lane to move to, as state law requires! Quick response times is one of the fire department's most important tools! But emergency access has NEVER been an important commodity to Elkhart officials. Under Mayor Moore (retired firefighter, retired street commissioner) he decided to put in round a bouts on a very small north side intersection. It was a failure! Previous admins. allowed apartment complexes to close second access roads . The complex at Prairie and east Jackson and the complex on Middlebury across from NIBCO. The huge mobile home park on Osolo Road closed part of the access to the north side of the park. Necessitating a fire truck response of 4 more minutes to that area. Access seems to elude the officials!

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