Waterline installation to begin in Middlebury

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury is getting ready to begin a half-million dollar project to add a waterline to in the vicinity of the Jayco complex and US 20 for the installation of a new water line. A road closure related to the project has been announced.

Niblock Excavating will close the intersection of CR 22 and CR 37 on Monday, April 30 for the construction of a water main and road reconstruction from Jayco to US 20.

The Elkhart County Redevelopment Commission approved a $200,000 contribution in February toward construction of a water main loop in Middlebury, according to previous reporting in the Elkhart Truth.

Middlebury Town Manager Mary Cripe requested the funding toward the $524,000 project, with the $200,000 share to be split between two different tax increment finance districts. Jayco Inc. will cover the rest of the cost, with possible reimbursement from city TIFs.

The full project cost includes everything from design and engineering to construction, she noted.

Jayco will fund the first part of the project, which will take the water line from the existing 10-inch main between Buildings 80 and 81 to the west side of C.R. 37, north along the road and looping back to connect to an existing eight-inch main line that’s currently a dead-end. Cripe noted the loop will be more for the sake of fire protection than water supply, since such big buildings need to have adequate fire protection.

The town will pay for the next phase of the project, which will build a water main under the southbound lane of C.R. 37 from the driveway along the south side of Building 20 north to U.S. 20. Cripe noted the loop will improve water quality and supply in the southern portion of the town.

During the project, CR 22 and CR 37 will be closed to through traffic; however, access will be provided to residents and businesses located within the closure limits, according to the letter to residents, provided by Town Manager Mary Cripe. Access on CR 22 and CR 37 will also be provided to those traveling by horse and buggy. Access to the businesses located within the closure area will be provided via US 20.

Emergency Response Teams have been notified of the road closure. The United States Post Office has been given information about the closures and will modify their delivery routes accordingly, according to the letter.

The Pumpkinvine Nature Trail will remain open to pedestrians and bicyclists during construction, and will be open for the Annual Pumpkinvine Bicycle Ride on June 16.

All vehicular access to the soccer fields will be from CR 20 to CR 37.

Questions or concerns may be directed to: Town of Middlebury, 574-8251499 or via e-mail to: info@middleburyin.com

“Thank you for your patience and cooperation during the construction of this project,” Cripe said in the letter sent to residents.

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