Student brings gun to Middlebury school

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MIDDLEBURY — A Jefferson Elementary student was taken into custody Tuesday after showing a gun to other students, school officials said.

After seeing the gun, one of the students reported the situation to an adult, leading the school resource officer and local law enforcement to take the student with the gun into custody, according to a news release from Middlebury Community Schools.

The Elkhart County Sheriff's Office said the student was in the third grade.

According to state law, a student in possession of a firearm on school property must be expelled for one calendar year, the release said. Possession of a firearm on school grounds or a school bus constitutes a Level 5 felony, carrying an incarceration period of one to six years and a fine up to $10,000.

"Middlebury Community Schools and law enforcement personnel’s timely response secured the safety of our students and employees. Middlebury Community Schools will not tolerate such activity. Appropriately severe student discipline and judicial punishment will be sought and imposed," the release said.

The school alerted parents of students of the situation via phone and social media and said no students were harmed.

“Our students are regularly taught the principle ‘see something, say something.' That lesson paid off. Our students are our most valuable, future resource; we will guard them well,” Middlebury Community Schools Superintendent Jane Allen said.

The school said Wednesday would be a regular school day and that state and federal privacy laws prohibit the school corporation from commenting further.

The Sheriff's Office said the student was released to parents.

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