MIDDLEBURY — Town officials are considering a relocation of town hall, although all options remain on the table, they say. 

Middlebury’s comprehensive plan lays out the possibility for the town hall to be moved toward the downtown corridor.

“It’s important, we feel, to be in the downtown area,” Town Manager Mary Cripe said.

Currently the Town Hall and Police Department reside in the same building in the 400 block of North Main Street, but officials agree that the entities should be close to the center of the town.

Bids for the possible sale of the building were opened during Monday night’s council meeting, with price points ranging from $80,000 to $300,000, and opportunities for free rent or rent in excess of $3,000, determined by the purchase price.

“We’re just looking at our options right now,” Cripe said.

The town is also considering moving hall and the police department to temporary locations if they choose to sell the building before work on another location is completed.

“We have a couple of different options that we’re looking at, as a temporary thing if we need to, and we’re looking at permanent options,” Cripe said.

Considerations have also been made to allow the police department to stay in the building at 418 N. Main Street, given the regulations required for a building to house them.

The building currently boasts two entrances, one for the police department downstairs and another for town hall on the main level.

Constructed in 1973, the Middlebury Town Hall has a history as a former bar and restaurant. It was purchased by the town in 1994.

The town is performing a space-needs study, but the move, if it happened, wouldn’t take place for at least two years. Funds and cost have not yet been set aside.

“We’re fine here,” Cripe said, “but if there’s an opportunity for us to be downtown then we want to explore that. We will see where this goes.”

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