MIDDLEBURY — Serious safety violations found at Winnebago in Middlebury resulted in $15,000 in proposed penalties.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration in the Indiana Department of Labor inspected the facility at 201 14th St. on Nov. 6. The inspector found three serious violations and one non-serious violation, according to an order issued on Dec. 11.

Each of the serious violations carries a proposed penalty of $5,000. Those included:

Not providing training to each employee who is required to use personal protection equipment, including gloves, on knowing when the equipment is necessary. The violation was corrected at the time of inspection.

A table saw was not effectively guarded because the hood was elevated 2½ inches above the table surface, exposing employees to a caught-by hazard. The company was given until Jan. 16 to correct the violation.

Push sticks were not available for employees to use when operating the table saw, exposing them to a potential caught-by hazard. The issue was corrected at the time of inspection.

The non-serious violation, for failing to conduct a workplace hazard assessment to see if protective equipment was needed, does not have a proposed penalty. The company was given until Jan. 16 to correct the error.

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Glad to see that the one item about safety equipment has already been handled. Apparently the saw operator either was too inexperienced with the machine, or thought he knew more than the designers. Those guards are there for your protection. I haven't started up my saw and don't plan on it until it gets a guard (Bought it at auction a while back) As for the push sticks??? Unless something's changed since I was a sawman, those are generally just small pieces of wood with a notch. If we ever lost one, it took less than a minute to make a new one out of scrap.


OSHA should probably do this more often.

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