Rod Roberson county courts rally at Old Style Deli 10-23-2020

Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson and more than 30 supporters rallied at Old Style Deli on Friday afternoon, saying they want to keep county courts downtown.

ELKHART — Mayor Rod Roberson and more than 30 downtown Elkhart stakeholders held a rally Friday afternoon to keep Elkhart County courts downtown.

Roberson encouraged residents, attorneys, business owners and others he said would be affected to call their county council members and commissioners and ask them to reconsider downtown Elkhart, after Commissioner Mike Yoder has said a new consolidated courthouse will be located on the outskirts of either Goshen or Elkhart, moving courts away from both city centers. County Council is scheduled to decide Nov. 14 on one of two locations along C.R. 17.

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Joe! Have ya gone off the deep end again? thought we were talking about the new courthouse location! You infer as does the new Elkhart mayor that the courthouse is to the survival of downtown Elkhart. While it may help some during the day....5PM they roll up the sidewalks. You point out that there is little if anything happening at night in downtown Elkhart. Partly true. With 100s of new apartments being built, new aquatics center, and the new boutique hotel, free enterprise will discover downtown Elkhart. And guess what! that courthouse block would make a terrific spot for the new police station, comm center and fire headquarters. Also Joe I came through your vibrant Goshen downtown about 6PM. Nothin. Absolutely nothin happening. Everything closed except a very small market and 2 bars! But that area north of Goshen downtown was bustling. Much the same as the CR6 and Cass area of Elkhart! So build the courthouse at 17&US 33. THE BEST SPOT!

Joe King

Silly fire....Nothing’s happening now because we are in a middle of a pandemic.... not only are we drilling with a pandemic, we are also dealing with unemployment numbers not seen since the Great Depression.....we are slowly coming back, but not near enough enough of the 20+ million that were lost do to trumps inability to understand and prepare the country for COVID-19...nothing is happened because unlike trump and his trumpeters, some people choose to listen to scientists and health officials....


I figured you would comeback with some off the wall excuse. So before I even posted my last post, I went online and check closing times. Sorry Joe most everything closes around 5-6 PM. I guess those silly shopping areas north and south of downtown didn't know of the pandemic. They are open regular hours! And what is unemployment in Elkhart County? 5.6%? Anyone out of work here, just does not want to work! You can't go through an industrial area where they are not begging for help. And yes some factories have signs out ..... no drug tests! Keep em comin Joe! I love debunking you!

SanFran Kid

You are right Joe.Elkhart made bad decisions,back in the 70's,allowing buildings to be torn down,for parking lots.banks and a joke or a hotel,which really was a motel.Now you have the 300 and 400 blocks of main with no retail.Great old buildings at Main and Jackson,for a nondescript bank building.Goshen made the decision to preserve their history,Almost 35% of downtown Elkhart has been torn down since the 1950's.The courthouse needs to stay downtown,but with Mike Yoder doing his best Mitch McConnell,the courthouse will have a Goshen address

Joe King

This would not be a good thing for the city. too many vacant ,corporate offices and banks and not enough of retail, restaurants and bar. Downtown is a ghost town after 5pm....This needs to be a priority over the "river district". Just look at Goshen's downtown and see what they did...night and day difference.


Joe! Once again you are way off base! Most of downtown Elkhart is corporate and bank related. True. Retail quit being relevant in downtown in the 60s when a new thing called shopping centers evolved. Remember those Joe. Retail left on their own. Now shopping centers and malls are disappearing. Big empty stores. Everywhere. New thing now strip malls/stores. By the way Joe know everything at the court houses shuts down by 5 ish . Remember? Also Goshen has one great advantage in the downtown area. That being parking on Main street and behind stores. If ya got time, just hit the Google Earth site and count the parking spaces. By the way! Elkhart has 4 bars on Main street and 3 really good eateries. Plus specialty shops like ice cream and hot dog shops on Main. One eatery is very high end. And the other 2 are very good. I guess you must travel with eyes wide shut. Have you noticed the huge amounts of stores lining the highway north and south of Goshen's downtown? Ya can't miss it Joe! Look forward Joe! Don't linger in the dark past. As I said once before. The U S 33 / CR 17 possible site is smack dab in the center of Elkhart County. A short distance from the county jail. With easy access. And please Joe DON'T give us the conspiracy stuff about just follow the money. It's very easy finding the property owners name.

Joe King

Just look at Goshen Fire....vibrant, lots of retail, bars, and banks...good ballance...and people are out doing stuff...5pm, half of the downtown now have apartments with people...good time to open new shops and places...except the pandemic and trumps failures has allowed it to linger and get thats on delay.....Thanks, trump...


There are some vacant store fronts on Main Street Joe. Maybe you could buy/rent one and start a business downtown. Then maybe you will learn a little about small businesses and the burdens you Dems put on them and you can pay people $15.00 per hour. Oh and hire some good security because on Main Street you will need it.

Joe King

I own a small business. Been in our family for over 44 years. Hire security? Really? When did you become so scared of people? What happened? Turn Fox off...the world isn't a scary place...people are nice...

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