Lerner Theatre HVAC drone

The Lerner Theatre’s heating and cooling system needs repair or replacement, which could cost the city $1 million. The “extraordinarily undersized” system has run for a decade.

ELKHART — The city may have to spend $1 million to replace The Lerner Theatre’s heating and cooling system, which was installed during the theater renovation a decade ago but was “extraordinarily undersized.”

According to a letter from Lerner General Manager Michelle Frank, seven of the theater’s 10 rooftop units are shuttered as a result of being run too hard for the past 10 years and because of damage caused by hail storms and power outages. She said the system has been maintained well.

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Why is this not tossed back in Majority Builders lap? Is it not their responsibility to supply an adequate and appropriately sized system? A small investment into a 3rd party professional engineering evaluation should give them all the ammo they need. With proper maintenance, these systems should last beyond 10 years easily...


Am I missing something here? $23,000 was spent in 2 years on the systems and a possible $30,000 this budget year. $500,000 was given for emergency expenses and now another $1,000,000 is expected for new systems! Are the systems so old as to not be equitable to repair? Then maybe a fund raising campaign to repair such things. Lots of big bucks floating around in Elkhart County. We see the evidence every week in the Truth. Billion dollar companies just waiting to do what used to be called "Good and Plenty". And a huge multi billion dollar company asking for handouts from the City of Elkhart and Elkhart County. Come on "Winnie"! Step up to the plate! I'll bet it's tax deductible!

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