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ELKHART — Police are reporting four shootings in Elkhart during the last few days that hit homes and individuals. One house was involved two separate days.

At 2:36 a.m. Thursday, an officer with the Elkhart Police Department found a man with a gunshot wound to the leg by the gas station at the intersection of C.R. 9 and C.R. 20. Officers later learned he had been shot near Indiana and Benham avenues, where shell casings were located.

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Fire 111: Do you know what a directed patrol is? The officer or officers assigned to directed patrol do not answer routine calls for service but stay in one high crime area so that they can instantly respond to calls there. The concept has worked in the past.


Yep seven I know all about it. Elkhart can not afford directed patrols. It's a fact. So if that's what you want, tell your council person. They will be more than glad to raise your taxes. And yes sir this concept HAS been used! Result! The bad actors just moved to another area and the citizens screamed, police harassment. I bet you believe a foot patrol is a great idea also. Police substations too!


I hope the new mayor doesn't feed us a line about no gangs in Elkhart. You know! Like the the ex mayor in South Bend! Nip it in the bud! These aren't neighborhood groups!


In the old days EPD used to have one or more officers assigned to directed patrol. This neighborhood might benefit from a directed patrol.


Hmmm.... "directed patrol"? Do you think police just drive around willey nilley? They have zones. Zones tend to disappear as calls explode and become more apt to turn violent. The City has more cars on the streets and more officers than in any other time of the EPD. I have done the ride along many times in the past. Back in the 80s I rode along when there were just 3 street cops on duty on the 3-11 shift! The City has grown area wise immensely. It's a long trip from county road 1 and 12 to R 17and State Road 120. Or CR 4 and Cass to CR 20 and US 33. Until neighborhood people start to get engaged with their own safety the gangs will rule certain areas. The old days are far gone! The continued bullet riddling of houses and cars are messages.

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