Goshen ice rink

This is what an ice rink and pavilion in Goshen could look like, according to a rendering shown at a November 2018 Redevelopment Commission meeting.

GOSHEN — The expected cost of a pavilion and ice rink along the canal has increased to nearly $7.9 million, the Goshen Redevelopment Commission heard Tuesday, causing some board members to show signs of cold feet.

The commission approved a series of five-year plans for new and continuing projects to be paid out of several tax increment finance districts. Overall, the plan represents the biggest investment in years, said Redevelopment Project Manager Becky Hutsell.

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common sense

Jeremy's folly. The problem is we are the taxpayers who will have to pay for it. Goshen residents will be paying increased property taxes already for the new school construction so what's another $10 million or so?


Just wondering why you would need a covered ice skating rink? Is that the idea??


Another horrible idea for Goshen! What little money brought in won't even cover yearly maintenance (from the Park Board). Goshen refuses to utilize any of this finding for useful projects. Dredging the dam cleaning up the surrounding area, and cleaning up the river would stimulate new construction, bring in more property tax money, stimulate recreational and fishing business, and reduce flooding. The river is so clogged up with trees and debris, it is all but impossible to navigate. Material pulled out could be used to build up embankments. There is also an area behind proposed rink property that could be dredged out for more flood control. Let us not forget all the money being spent on water and sewer. Leave it up to a Democrat mayor to waste our tax dollars.


Typical, We can do it ourselves for 2.5 million except we forgot to add all the good old boy costs. 10 million plus a new bridge for an ice rink?

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