With concerns of coronavirus, many events and places in Elkhart County have been canceled, postponed or closed.

The City of Goshen announced Friday it would cancel a number of meetings and events through April.

The mayor’s office said the city is adopting a series of measures to slow a potential outbreak of the illness. They include canceling all municipal events with more than 50 attendees and all Parks Department classes, events and programs, as well as suspending city meetings except those that are essential to comply with state statutes.

Meetings that will still be held include City Council, Board of Works, Parks and Rec, Plan Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals and Redevelopment Commission, according to the announcement from Mayor Jeremy Stutsman. They’ll work on opening online livestreams to public meetings in the next few weeks.

Among other measures, the city will:

Suspend all work-related, non-essential travel by city employees outside of the county and require staff to conduct business meetings with those outside the county remotely

Establish sanitizing procedures for all city buildings and facilities, following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations

Cancel the annual employee, board and commission member appreciation event

The measures will be implemented immediately and will continue through the end of April, according to the announcement. They’ll be reviewed and updated as needed after that.

The city doesn’t have the authority to ban non-city events, but Stutsman said he strongly recommends all nonessential gatherings be limited to 50 people. He also recommended that meeting organizers consider using remote technology to conduct business.

“Our focus needs to be on taking preemptive steps to reduce exposure and further spread,” he said. “We know there will be economic consequences to canceling and postponing events, but this is a time when the health and safety of our community must come first.”

The city will continue updating its webpage, goshenindiana.org/covid-19-information, with local, state and national resources.

“If you think you have contracted COVID-19, please contact the Elkhart County Health Department and your primary physician before you plan on going to a hospital or clinic,” Stutsman said. “This will allow the facilities to prepare the testing and for your arrival.”

Below is a list of closures and cancellations announced Friday. Unless it is stated otherwise, no new dates have been arranged for postponed events.

Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson’s State of the City address on March 31 is postponed.

Elkhart Public Library has suspended all programming beginning Monday, March 16.

All Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend schools are closed for at least three weeks, with e-learning in the meantime.

Goshen Clay Artists Guild’s Empty Soup Supper to benefit Goshen Interfaith Hospitality Network scheduled for March 28 has been postponed until further notice.

Bethany Christian Schools are closed, with e-learning, through at least April 13.

Purdue Extension events are canceled until April 6. After that, events with more than 50 people are postponed.

Elkhart Education Foundation’s Battle of the Brains trivia night on March 26 is postponed.

Elkhart County’s Summit on Children on March 27 is postponed.

ADEC’s Ride-A-Bike fundraiser planned for May 16 is canceled.

The Elkhart Civic Theatre has announced it will be rescheduling several performances planned for March 27 through May 1.

Other events and venues may be closed.

(4) comments

Joe King

Why is the Gun Show at the RV Hall or Fame/Northern Indiana Event Center still going on? I thought the governor ordered all non nonessential large gatherings (250) to be cancelled in Indiana? Was that a suggestion? So much for trying to contain the spread.....Gunslinger Promotions should be ashamed of themselves... Money and profit over the health of a community? They travel the nation each weekend to different cities... I hope that place has enough Clorox and Lysol to disinfect?


I think they didn’t cancel just to irritate you Joe. When is the Parrot show?


Yep Joe! U R correct! People clinging to their guns, bibles and their God. How bad can it get? Just went to the post office in Bristol. Guess what? Sunday services at the Catholic and Methodist churches! And Gunslingers too! Must be a Washington Twp. thing! Let me get back with ya Joe! Sometime Monday. Let's see if the largest Rv manufacturer in the world shuts down! That being Thor. Let's see whether their competitor closes (Forrest River). Isn't Forrest River owned by Buffet? He's in that danger age group! I would think he'd shut down! And that Lippert outfit... certainly they will close! Money and profit over health. U R correct. Good thing Henry Ford stood his ground! The flu could have wiped out the fledgling auto magnet! I'll get back with you soon!

Joe King

Yep...there you go thinking the cdc, the science, and the doctors don’t know what they are talking about....the arrogance of that statement just shows the rest of the world how little prepared we are and what we are willing to do for safety. Schools closed, churches closed, etc...who knows what the vendors and guest that traveled from where brought with them to Elkhart now...just to sell a few guns....hope it is worth it

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