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GOSHEN — The Goshen Plan Commission voted Tuesday to subdivide city-owned land along Lincoln Avenue.

Board members approved a three-lot major subdivision of nearly 7½ acres on the south side of Lincoln Avenue. The land is between Rock Run Creek and Steury Avenue, spanning over a dozen addresses in the 700 to 900 block. 

The City of Goshen put the request forward, which Plan Commission members heard would make part of the land available for future use. A homeless shelter is one proposal that was recently put to the city.

Two of the lots are currently occupied by San Juan Market and a city retention basin, which was built on the site of a former scrapyard. The third lot is yet to be developed.

The area is a mix of industrial and residential zoning, and Planning and Zoning Administrator Rhonda Yoder noted that the land would have to go through the rezoning process before Lot 3 could be developed.

The Goshen Redevelopment Commission has spent close to a decade acquiring the pieces of land and cleaning them up, said Redevelopment Project Manager Becky Hutsell. She said they had requested a primary subdivision a few years ago, but have since acquired the residential properties on the west side and would like them to now be included.

"Redevelopment has spent the last, approximately, 10 years acquiring the various parcels within this subdivision and working to both clean them up environmentally and prepare them for future redevelopment," she told the Plan Commission. "We have no immediate plans for Lot 3, but we want to be prepared when the right project comes forward."

The Goshen Interfaith Hospitality Network has asked the city to make the land available for a homeless shelter. Network directors presented a plan for a permanent shelter for men and women, which would be built across from the Goshen Police training center, and asked at the July 7 Goshen Common Council meeting that the city deed the land to them.

Plan Commission members approved the subdivision after hearing that it was not connected to GIHN's request. Yoder explained that rezoning of the land for some future proposed use would come before the commission and city council for a separate decision.

"It has nothing to do with the future development, except that it creates lots for future development," Yoder said. "A subdivision is not a discretionary decision. If the subdivision meets the requirements, then approval is granted."

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