Trainer arrest

GOSHEN — A Goshen man is being held responsible for injuries suffered by another driver after she was struck by a police vehicle during a high-speed chase.

Juan Ramos Trainer, 20, was arrested Friday and charged with resisting law enforcement with a vehicle, a Level 6 felony, and misdemeanor reckless driving. Police say two days earlier he fled from a traffic stop at high speed, which he allegedly admitted was about 110 mph.

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Police knew who they were after. His vehicle, plate number, address, and name. So why not attempt to arrest him at home, rather than endanger the public with high speed, reckless driving.


A question being...did the officer know the driver in the vehicle was Trainer or not? The officer knew who the plate was issued to. And at that point he only knew the owner was suspended. Did he know the driver was the owner? People do steal cars.


"They were on a stretch of road with a speed limit of 50 mph. It was also a busy time of day with multiple other vehicles on the road, according to police.

While trying to match the Pontiac's speed, the patrolman collided with another vehicle at Elkhart and Green roads, causing significant damage to both vehicles."

A reckless high speed chase endangering other individuals over a suspected suspended license? The result was an innocent motorist was hospitalized with two vehicles damaged. As a bonus, the fleeing driver got away but was apprehended peacefully later.

If this is in line with Goshen Police standard procedures, it may be time to review those reckless procedures. Yikes!

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