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Michael Hicks, left, and David Terrell with Ball State University speak Wednesday night in Goshen.

GOSHEN — Economic and community policy experts from Ball State University say Elkhart County should consider what it’s giving away when it grants tax breaks to big businesses.

Michael Hicks, director of the Center for Business and Economic Research, and David Terrell, director of the Indiana Communities Institute, spoke to Goshen city leaders and residents Wednesday. The pair gave a presentation they use to encourage communities to shift their focus from business attraction to talent attraction, based on the changing economic landscape.

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Keep these experts away from me. Tax abatements aren't forever. Neither are jobs! But in the meantime Amazon ain't getting by without paying ANY taxes. Business and commercial pay 3 times the tax that homeowners do per assessed evaluation. It's state law. It's in the State Constitution. Amazon will be around for decades after their abatements cease! This idiots statement..."A community like this, that has more jobs than you could possibly fill, you don't need to be attracting new jobs". Keep this expert on a short chain! So we should be attracting more talent? With what? Stagnant growth? If it hadn't been for tax incentives in Goshen , they would still be the "Sun Down City" they were in the 1900s. Not the super woke community they are now. Bun man doesn't remember! Cities don't annex housing per se but they sure love commercial and industry!

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