Bristol man identified as suspect shot and killed by Goshen police on Wednesday

Michael Alcaraz

GOSHEN — The man shot and killed by Goshen police on Wednesday has been identified as 19-year-old Michael Alcaraz of Bristol.

The Indiana State Police, which is investigating the shooting outside Double D's Hometown Bar & Grill around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, said in a press release that Alcaraz also has ties to the Chicago area.

An autopsy was conducted in Kalamazoo, Michigan, on Thursday.

Police say Alcaraz was brandishing a shotgun while driving a Dodge Durango in the lot at the BP gas station at Lincolnway East and Kercher Road on the south side of Goshen around 9:25 a.m. Wednesday. He allegedly attempted to abduct or carjack at least three people.

He later drove out of the gas station and confronted a woman driving a Ford Explorer with the shotgun on the roadway in the intersection, according to police. Another gunshot was fired there.

As Goshen police officers arrived in the area, Alcaraz fled in the Durango on Kercher Road, Sourwood Drive, through the Lippert Components campus and back to Lincolnway East, where he led police on a chase heading north toward the city center. Alcaraz pulled into the parking lot Double D's at 827 Lincolnway East, where the chase ended.

Indiana State Police investigators have not said specifically what happened next, but three Goshen police officers fired their weapons at Alcaraz and he was pronounced dead on the scene. An innocent bystander, 68-year-old Fernando Cuevas, also was hit by a bullet in the back of his shoulder, but investigators have not said whether it was fired by Alcaraz or police.

Cuevas was in stable condition at Parkview Regional Medical Center in Fort Wayne on Thursday after being airlifted there from Goshen Hospital a day earlier.

An Indiana State Police press release issued Friday morning says investigators recovered a shotgun from Alcaraz at the scene. They are asking anyone who encountered him on Wednesday to call the state police Bremen Post at 574-546-4900.

State police were planning to release names of the three Goshen police officers who fired their weapons during the incident later on Friday.

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Ma Yoder

"Alcaraz also has ties to the Chicago area". Which means? Gangs? Relatives? Friends?
Granted that what comes first to mind here is that there could be some sort of gang relationship, but that is yet to be proven.


If he'd lived it could have been Alcatraz for Alcarez lol.

Revolution 1776

Chicago.ties? Gang related ?
When will Trump send in the national guard to eliminate the gangs?

Joe King

19 is such a young age to be acting erratically like this...I wonder if he was showing signs or had a history of mental illness.


You mean like you Joking?


He had ties to the Chicago area? Would that be the immigration court?

Ma Yoder

Uh....excuse me? Where in the article was it mentioned that this young man had ties to Chicago? Or gangs?
Gotta comment also on the career thread-jackers here who turned this into a discussion of health care. Talk about going off on tangents....


"The Indiana State Police, which is investigating the shooting outside Double D's Hometown Bar & Grill around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, said in a press release that Alcaraz also has ties to the Chicago area."


Who has to pay for the innocent bystander's hospital bill?


WHO do you think, bs, WE ARE....if we had Universal HealthCare, like most all CIVILIZED countries in the World, this wouldn't be an issue, would it? Maybe President Trump will make the Mexicans pay for it, he can just add it to the Wall bill....


Yes, let's give healthcare to those who contribute nothing to society and let those of us that do pay the higher costs. Great idea!


WHO do you think is paying now? WE about EVERY american citizen pay their fairshare? Those of you who complain the most about paying for someone else ARE PAYING THE MOST NOW....was this person a US Citizen....if not, President Trump will make Mexico pay for it.....


And you would be the first one in line to complain about the 50+% income tax necessary to pay for that UHC, as it happens in "civilized" (read socialist) countries.


leeeeeet, WHO do you think pays for universal healthcare-----WE DO! Your argument is like calling nighttime dark!


Why, that would be of course...




pay me now.....or pay me later...

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