Elkhart County COVID-19 cases 11-16-2020

In Elkhart County, 276 new cases of COVID-19 were reported Monday. The seven-day average is 313 per day.

GOSHEN — Goshen Hospital, which is treating a high number of COVID-19 patients, is asking community members with medical training for help.

“We believe there are skilled people in our community who could help us weather this pandemic together,” said Randy Christophel, president and CEO of Goshen Health. “We invite you to consider if you are someone who could make a difference at this crucial point in time.”

The hospital reported having 39 COVID-19 inpatients Monday, down two from a week ago. Still, the number is much higher than it had been until September. Before then, Elkhart County as a whole had experienced many weeks with a total of 20 COVID-19 inpatients. The county’s total is now 131.

“Many healthcare workers are exhausted. We don’t have enough people to meet our staffing needs and it’s heart-breaking for providers to lose patients whose lives they are trying desperately to save,” said Dr. Dan Nafziger, Goshen Hospital chief medical officer and infectious disease specialist.

There have been 50 COVID-19 deaths at Goshen Hospital, from a total of 475 COVID-19 inpatients, Goshen Health reports. Countywide 187 residents have died. Halfway through November, the month has seen 35 county residents killed by the disease. October, with 36 COVID-19 deaths, has been the deadliest month in the county so far.

But the surge in cases, hospitalizations and deaths is not all.

“In addition, we continue to be concerned about having to postpone important surgeries because COVID-19 patients are filling our intensive care unit beds,” Nafziger said. “We need everyone to do everything they can to reduce the spread of this virus – wear a mask when you’re around people not in your household, avoid gatherings, reconsider your Thanksgiving plans, attend church online. Please stay home as much as you can to protect yourself and others.”

To help with the staffing needs, people in the community with a medical background or training can contact Goshen Health at 574-364-2626 or careers@GoshenHealth.com.

In Elkhart County, 276 new cases of COVID-19 were reported on Monday. The seven-day average is now 313 per day. The positive test rate average is 17.9 percent for all tests and 34.7 percent for individuals; both are new records.

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