GOSHEN — Goshen City Councilman Jim McKee has tested positive for COVID-19.

Mayor Jeremy Stutsman was informed Thursday afternoon, and the mayor and staff then contacted every council and board member, as well as staff who would have recently attended public meetings with McKee and may have been at risk of exposure.

The city said it followed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and contacted all those who have been within the “CDC contact zone” from the council member. Those individuals who were within the contact zone were advised that they should be diligent about keeping track of their symptoms and stay home through March 31.

The last public meeting McKee attended was on Tuesday, March 17. He attended both Plan Commission and City Council that afternoon and evening.

None of the individuals contacted have presented symptoms over the last 10 days, a news release said.

Stutsman consulted with Dr. Dan Nafziger, chief medical officer at Goshen Health, about the situation and the CDC standards for who needs to be contacted and what next steps should be for those individuals. If members of the public were at either of these meetings and have concerns about possible exposure, they may call Goshen City Hall at 574-533-8621.

Stutsman said the recent case reminded him of how a single point of exposure can affect many people in a community if precautions are not taken.

“We are acutely aware the virus is in our community, but up until this point we did not have a public face to connect it to,” Stutsman said. “My friend and colleague Jim McKee wanted to step forward and be that face. I appreciate his willingness to show once again how much he cares about Goshen.”

“I have tested positive for the virus, and I am staying home with my wife Angie and monitoring my symptoms,” McKee said. “I would like to remind everyone to follow the governor’s executive order directing all Hoosiers to stay at home. It is critical that we all do our part to stop the spread of the coronavirus.”

Beginning with the Board of Zoning Appeals meeting March 24, the city began streaming all public meetings. The city is working to make sure contact between members of boards and commissions, as well as contact with the public, is as limited as possible. The city also would like to encourage as many members to participate remotely and the public to stream the meetings whenever possible.

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