No-truck sign

The Elkhart Street Department is putting up no-truck signs at all of the residential streets in the neighborhood off Jackson Boulevard and Goshen Avenue.

ELKHART — Residents of the neighborhood between East Jackson Boulevard and Goshen Avenue have been frustrated with semi-trucks going down their residential streets, shaking houses, knocking over street signs and scaring parents.

Those residential streets are in a no-truck zone, and some signs to that effect were already posted. But the Street Department is now putting up no-truck signs on every entrance to the residential area, according to the department’s traffic supervisor, Jason Able. The residential streets were not built to carry the weight of semi-trucks or to allow them to easily turn, so trucks driving through neighborhoods damage the roads and occasionally take down street signs.

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It is not only the semi trucks that need attention but also the RV supplier delivery trucks. The GVW on most of them is 32,000 lb and the weight limit on Jackson is 20,000 lb. The police need to issue a few tickets and they will use Middlebury Street like it is designed for.


Hope the enforcement and signage works better than the Bristol Indiana rinky dink set up! We have MORE traffic in town now than ever before. The signage is terrible and there is NO enforcement! Back ups on Indiana 120 are regular from east of the 120 RR tracks to the Indiana 15 and 120 traffic light. Lots of wasted taxpayer monies!

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