Fairfield Jr-Sr High School

A group of Fairfield students uttered racist remarks in a video that has been shared on social media.

GOSHEN — Fairfield Community Schools is contemplating what action to take after a video of several high school students uttering racist remarks was shared on social media.

The video begins with one student asking another, while apparently sitting in the school cafeteria, what he thinks of Black people, using the N-word.

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Please Joe! Explain the meaning of the word condone. My Webster's say to condone is to forgive or overlook. Maybe your new world dictionary has another explanation of the word! I don't see any condoning in any of these posts! We are done Joe! I don't like racism either. Bye ! We R done!


My only comment is that I am very surprised that teenagers would make such comments. In this period in our history it is almost impossible to not be aware of the great harm racism has done to this country.


Neither do I Joe, but these are kids. You support a vegetable President and cackling fool as the VP. You are blind to anything not woke. You approve of white children being taught that they are racist bullies because you are told to. I think it was Stalin that referred to your kind a useful idiots.

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Joe King

Are you really saying you ok with this? You think white kids are being taught they are racist bullies? Look at the video…you think these white teenagers were taught this in school? Get a grip…again, no where do you condone this. It says a lot when you don’t, and then shift the blame and make excuses for this antiquated behavior your generation was known for, It’s slowly dying away… now remind me where June 19th was taught in school? While we are there, what about the Oklahoma race murders? Nothing? The complete history of this country should be taught, both the good and bad….but you don’t care do you….I don’t respond to racist and your racist beliefs…


Thanks for bringing up June 19th Joe. How many people in Mishawaka were shot, some killed at a Juneteenth party. Police had to lock down a hospital as it was flooded with drunk party goers trying to get status reports on wounded friends. Of course it was not covered by our paper as it took place in Mishawaka and the Truth doesn’t cover Mishawaka.

Of course I don ‘t condone the actions of these students any more than the actions of the gun happy Juneteenth revelers.. big difference, words vs guns.

Finally, no these students did not learn this behavior in school but CRT will teach white children that they are oppressors and minorities that they are oppressed and can’t be successful without government hand outs and a dumbed down school system.

Joe King

We are done. I don't support or engage racist or their beliefs.

Joe King

They should be named and shamed. Suspending from school and made to attend racial diversity classes. If their parent cared, they should bring them to more diverse cultural events and make the volunteer and help out. Correct the racist behavior they have learned from somewhere….absolutely disgusting.


Say Joe! A fellow like you with all your legal training (?) might want to explain the reasons children under the age of 18 are not held responsible for most stupid actions! Doesn't it have to do with their lack of mental acuity and lack of life experience? Tell us Joe! Give us the legaleeze on the subject! I doubt without a history of trouble at school and without a legal violation of law, the school can order these immature children to any punishment. The school probably does not have a binding contract because these are "children"! Not held responsible. How many serious indiscretions have you committed Joe? Were you of age? The only real disgusting indiscretion here is your judgement of the children and their parents! Judge not lest ye be judged! But thanks Joe for more Joe isms!

Joe King

In your rant against me, I see nothing of you condoning their racist comments. That says a lot. We are done, I don't support racist and racism.

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