County Courts and Elkhart Public Safety building rendering

A proposal by Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson would have joined the city’s new public safety complex with a new consolidated courthouse for Elkhart County in downtown Elkhart.

GOSHEN — Cons and concerns outweigh the pros in a rejected proposal to build a consolidated courts building in downtown Elkhart, according to a study of the plan.

The study was conducted last month by PMSI Inc. and formally accepted by the Elkhart County Board of Commissioners on Monday. It weighs the pros and cons of a proposal from Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson to place a consolidated courthouse and public safety complex, along with a parking garage, in the center of the city.

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Figure out a way to NOT build on the outskirts (C.R. 17) - rather keep this assessible and in the city of Elkhart or somehow between the city's of Goshen and Elkhart nearest downtown as possible. PEOPLE access the courts. Location matters for PEOPLE. If this is built out on C.R.17 then I suggest those who make the decision personally pay for FREE transportation FOR LIFE to anyone needing to access the court building. It is not a simple challenge for many, it is real.


Build it where you want it or pay travel costs? What a childish position. Cr 17 location is the most central spot for the majority of the COUNTY residents. It does not belong in downtown Elkhart or Goshen.


Not about me, but those who access the courts. There has to be a better location than the outskirts of both cities. Even with public transportation this is a hardship for many. Showing a concern for others is not childish.


The U S 33/Cr 17 site is smack dab central to all of Elkhart County! One quarter of the county's population is inside Elkhart city limits. The remaining surrounds the county! The legal county seat is Goshen! The free transportation statement is really weird at best. I live in Bristol. In almost 3/4 of a century I have used the courts being in downtown Elkhart twice. Both times to give a deposition. I am probably no different than any other taxpayer. And it's about 4 miles due east of the Elkhart County Jail!

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