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Adam Young speaks on behalf of neighbors surrounding the planned site of a solar power installation.

GOSHEN — County officials have rejected plans for a 100-megawatt solar facility in Benton Township.

The Elkhart County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to deny a request from Savion LLC to rezone 850 acres of farmland. The company wanted to use part of the land to build a $120 million solar panel facility.

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Solar should be put in around Airports and along major highways. Not in America's breadbasket..


I think that is a great idea. Solar at airports! Hmmm!!


Just think! Ding is correct! And guess what ! Goshen airport is very close to the proposed site!


Thank you for voting 'no'. It's about time we start protecting our valuable farmlands.

Revolution 1776

Great job for preserving the farmland & using common sense..


Save farm land... We need that! Except the owners probably were going to be millionaires! So the commissioners want a pat on the back for saving these homeowners property values. But they sure missed the boat, actually sunk it, on the allowed rezoning of property on the south side of St Rd 120 between cR 19 and CR 21. Right across the road on the north side of St Rd 120 is a high end housing addition! Most homes $500,000 and up. Now they get to put up with vastly increased semi traffic and probably a rail spur! 30-40 foot tall concrete manufacturing facility. Just a half mile east is one of Bristol's industrial parks. South of the tracks! And say Joe! You are always in the know! Did you go to all those meetings on this solar farm ? Or did you just throw your little sing song ditty out to see if it would stick to the wall? By the way Joe! We talked about other factories building around the Amazon area. Yep! They are clearing ground for an 800,000 square foot factory across from the State Police Post! Bad thing Joe. There goes MORE farm land!


I'm with you - "Rev"

Joe King

Just sell the land and put another RV storage lot up....That will pass quickly...


Out of touch AGAIN Joe! According to that 850 acres of land ....if poor quality is worth $6441 per ac. Or $5,474,850. High quality value per ac is $9785 or $8,317,250! Dang expensive RV storage yard!

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