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Elkhart County Commissioners Suzie Weirick and Brad Rogers field questions from residents Monday.

GOSHEN — County officials tried to assure a room full of residents Monday that they have no plans to forcefully vaccinate them.

A dozen people spoke out against mandatory masks and optional vaccines as the crowd attended one of the first meetings of the Elkhart County Board of Commissioners to be held since buildings were reopened. They included many people who have been speaking out against public safety measures since they first came down last spring, often pointing to the survival rate of COVID-19 to downplay the seriousness of the virus.

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Man Joe! Your TDS has overtaken any semblance of sanity! I have watched your video many times before you ever posted it. Get your Webster dictionary and look up the word supposedly. It means hypothetically !!! Just as I previously posted. Then try looking up disinfect(ant). To destroy harmful bacteria, viruses etc! And the light thingy! Light is UVA, UVB, UVC. UVC is used to kill viruses all the time. And how about those little blue light thingies at the barber shops, where the barber put combs ,used razors and clippers. It's called disinfectant by light waves!. Sorry Joe. Trump just made suggestions.

Joe King

Ha! I hope there is a video of this..uneducated conspiracists fools pushing alternative medicine like alternative facts...where have we heard this before?.. did anyone push injected bleach or UV light too? Oh man, I wonder how many had tin foil under their hats....and of course Rogers isn’t wearing a mask....great job of leading by example,,


Joe slid in yet ANOTHER drive by slight of Trump! Parroting your leftist heroes does NOT become you Joe! Actually Trump said, hypothetically, if bleach kills viruses could it be used internally? And he questioned the use of U V waves. Could that be done? It's called hypothetical thinking Joe! UV waves have been used for decades to kill bacteria and virus. My sources Joe.... CDC, FDA, Mayo Clinic and many many more. The UVC rays MUST contact the virus! That's why research has to be done. All inventive ventures require testing. Now! Joey wanna cracker? lol!

Joe King

Watch and enjoy for yourself what trump said.. Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha

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