Millersburg family loses their home in fire

This image from the crowdfunding site GoFundMe shows damage to the home caused by a fire Tuesday in Millersburg.

MILLERSBURG — A Millersburg family escaped a fire Tuesday but it may take them up to a year to rebuild their home, relatives say.

Steve Stout Jr. and two of his sons were home at the time of the Tuesday morning fire but managed to get out uninjured. They fled with only the clothes they were wearing, and the house and everything in it was lost.

“The boys and he had shorts on, and that was it,” his father, Steve Stout Sr., said Friday.

Stout Jr., wife Betty and their three sons, ages 16, 9 and 7, are living with relatives nearby, but it’s only a temporary solution, Stout Sr. said. He said insurance is expected to cover much of their loss but it could be six months to a year before they have a new home built on the property.

“They’re lucky to have that I guess. They’re not sure what to do. They’re gonna have to find someplace in the meantime,” he said.

The Red Cross offered assistance immediately after the fire but the family will likely have to rent a place to live for the next several months. To help cover those costs, as well as to buy replacement clothing and cover day-to-day needs, Stout Jr.’s uncle set up a GoFundMe page soon after the fire.

“I would like to help them try to get back to some normalcy by raising money for temporary housing, clothing and other necessities,” Kerry Miller, who lives near Indianapolis, wrote on the fundraising page. 

He set a goal of $5,000. Just over $1,600 had been pledged as of Friday afternoon.

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