GOSHEN — An industrial recycling center can go up near the county landfill after a vote by the Elkhart County Commissioners on Monday.

Commissioners approved a special-use exception to allow the recycling plant to be built on an 83-acre spot on C.R. 7, just north of C.R. 26. The exception, which also allows for outside storage of containers and vehicles, was recommended by the Elkhart County Plan Commission at its March meeting.

“The goal of this project is to develop a recycling center, and there is probably not a better place in Elkhart County to put such a facility,” county Planning Manager Jason Auvil remarked while introducing the proposal to commissioners.

The plan calls for a wood-grinding operation in a 100-by-100-foot space that can turn pallets and plywood into animal bedding and mulch, according to the rezoning application submitted by the firm Jones Petrie Rafinski. FIR Properties LLC is the landowner.

The finished product will be stored in a 100-by-392-foot building nearby. A separate grinder at the southeast corner of the site can further reduce the wood to mulch.

Future phases include a truck wash, an additional access road across from the landfill, additional storage buildings and a transfer station. The station would receive and sort waste materials such as metals, old corrugated cardboard and plastic film such as pallet wrap, bags and packaging.

The facility is estimated to cost between $1 million and $2 million to build. Planners hope to build after the Indiana Department of Homeland Security grants approval.

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That would be great IF: environmental conscious consumers could drop of recyclable materials, hopefully more often than only once a month.
Many of us do not have any closer access to recycling. Some trash collecting companies do not participate in the city's curbside recycling at all.

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