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Elkhart County Board of Health member Josi DeHaven presents some data from the Fairbanks study during a meeting Thursday.

GOSHEN — A face mask mandate could be on the horizon after a vote by the Elkhart County Board of Health.

The board unanimously approved a recommendation to the county Board of Commissioners that a mandatory mask ordinance would be beneficial in controlling the surge of COVID-19 cases. It includes a recommendation that other protective measures continue to be encouraged, including social distancing and hand washing.

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Some masks have metal in them and should not be put into a microwave. If a person wanted to quickly sanitize their mask without the hassle and the drying time, this could be a solution.


While opinions and factual evidence are all over the place on this topic, lets just assume for a minute masks have NO value at all. If that may or may not be true, wouldn't wearing one at least show outwardly that I am concerned about you and possibly you about me? Even if it has no value.... Which it MAY? When you go in a place of business and 2/3rd have them on and the other third doesn't, personally, It shows to me that I don't care about you and possibly even myself. Whether proven effective or not....


I was wondering, would a residential microwave kill the Covid 19 virus if a mask were to be placed into the oven? If so, how long would it take?


wash it. experts tell you to wash your hands to kill it!

RasmusSJorgensen Staff

I'm not sure about that, but I would not recommend putting a mask in the microwave oven. Fire departments have reported fires starting because of people doing that.

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