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Goshen Mayor Jeremy Stutsman presents a request for a $1.5 million commitment from the city Redevelopment Commission on Tuesday.

GOSHEN — Goshen officials hope a $1.5 million commitment can draw the planned courts building closer to their city than to Elkhart.

The Goshen Redevelopment Commission on Tuesday voted to commit the money toward road improvements at one of the two sites being considered for the consolidated Elkhart County courts building. The piece of land at C.R. 17 and U.S. 33 is at the northwest edge of Goshen, while the other site being eyed several miles north, at C.R. 17 and U.S. 20, is at the southeast edge of Elkhart.

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Joe King

I think they should consider the miles/bayer site. The city gave it away for $1...maybe offer $2 so the owner doubles it money and a huge empty area can be developed..


Seems that the Us 33/ CR 17 site is by far more central located and the best option.


You know that makes way to much sense for most of these people to understand. This is not a Goshen vs Elkhart issue, it affects the whole county and the C.R. 17 and Us 20 location is by far the best for the whole county.


Concord mall makes the most sense and is already built with parking, bus access etc. Even buying an out lot there would be cheaper and is infrastructure ready....

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