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Dr. Donald Findlay stands to speak during an October 2020 meeting of the Elkhart County Board of Health. Most board meetings for the past two years have been held virtually.

ELKHART — More than half of the members of the Elkhart County Board of Health have announced resignations amid an atmosphere of hostility and mistrust toward health experts.

Dr. Ebenezer Kio, an oncologist at Goshen Center for Cancer Care, and Dr. Donald Findlay, a retired dentist, informed the seven-member board this week that they will resign at the end of the year.

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Revolution 1776

I'm.glad they are leaving . I never saw any of them on a ballot

Joe King

Here are the names of the Elkhart County Council. They should be named so the public knows who they are and what they represent: David L. Hess, Randall D. Yohn, Darryl J. Riegsecker, Doug S. Graham, Tina M, Wenger, Thomas W. Stump, Adam Bujalski. Shame on them for believing their wacko conspiracy theories and not trusting medical professionals and science. When did the GOP party stop trusting science? When did they decide to be so gullible and blatantly ignorant towards facts?


Why don’t you run against one of the Joe? I say bravo to the commissioners for voting their conscience and voting for the will of their constituents. We did not want or need this money.

Revolution 1776

Who votes in health board members ?

Good riddance


The resignation of over half of the County Health Board members is a strong statement to the ignorance of the Elkhart County Council members.


Or they didn’t get their way and quit. A lot of that going around right now.

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