ELKHART — The Community Foundation of Elkhart County’s board of directors has approved $3,139,247 of new and multiyear grants to dozens of nonprofits and programs throughout Elkhart County.

The grants were given in the categories of placemaking, kids and families, and career pathways, reflecting the priorities of the Community Foundation.

“We have a strong community of nonprofits who are working hard to make our community better,” said Candy Yoder, chief program officer. “Our committees, staff and board appreciate the hard work being done to open doors in a variety of ways in our community.”

The grants awarded between July and mid-October are:

Placemaking grants totaling $1,376,696

n Goshen Health Foundation, $500,000, capital campaign for Goshen Health construction of new hospital tower ($500,000 annually for three years)

n American Red Cross, $30,000, home fire relief in Elkhart County

n Habitat for Humanity of Elkhart County, $42,666, truck

n Wellfield Botanic Garden, $50,000, memorial garden planning

n Goshen Theater, $500,000, Phase II renovation

n 10 grants of $25,000 or less totaled $42,330

n 20 grants for seasonal support of activities and events across the county totaled $211,700

Kids and Families grants totaling $1,156,537

n Bashor Children’s Home, $500,000, building expansion/renovation

n Central Christian Church, $15,000, building improvements for childcare ministry

n Child and Parent Services, $29,230, Triple P staff training

n Center for Healing and Hope, $50,000, challenge grant for capacity building

n Cultivate Culinary School and Catering, $85,000, renovation

n Elkhart County Drug-Free Partnership, $20,000, Positively Elkhart County school program

n Maple City Health Care Center, $156,000, dental care program for children

n REAL Services, $30,000, Elkhart County Meals on Wheels

n Women’s Care Center, $98,000, Focus on Healthy Babies (second year of grant)

n 13 grants of $25,000 or less totaled $173,307

Career Pathways grants totaling $396,429

n Concord Community Schools, $79,000, Careers Unlimited Bus for Education challenge grant

n enFocus, $100,000, Talent attraction and civic innovation

n The Crossing, $100,000, Elkhart Training Center capital project

n University of Notre Dame, $54,179, Elkhart Catalyst expansion

n Eight grants of $25,000 or less totaled $63,250

Opportunity Fund totaling $209,585

n South Bend Elkhart Regional Partnership support, $100,000

n 28 grants for sponsorships and memberships, $109,585

Donors gave $22 million to the foundation during the fiscal year 2018-19 that ended June 30. That along with $14 million of investment returns increased the total assets, after costs and grant awards, from $294 million to $302 million. Nearly half of the endowment funds (47 percent) are restricted, meaning they are part of funds that have stipulations or are directed by donors, trusts or scholarship requirements. The other 53 percent are unrestricted with which staff or volunteer committees can respond to grant applications.

The foundation was able to award a total of $33 million in grants during the fiscal year from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. Of those:

n $19.7 million were from donor-advised funds administered by the Foundation, but directed by those who established them with their generosity.

n $2.5 million was in scholarships, including those funded by Lilly Endowment Inc.

n $8 million was given from the Fund for Elkhart County, including $4.21 million in the area of placemaking and $1.15 million in the area of career pathways.

Grant requests are reviewed by staff and volunteer committees comprised of a diverse range of community members who are engaged with their respective sectors and make every effort to be aware of emerging and ongoing initiatives. Staff members can make decisions on grants of $25,000 or less and the board of the Community Foundation of Elkhart County approves all grants.

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