Stewart and Manns

David Stewart and Zamarco Manns led police on a chase into Marshall County after Stewart was accused of buying puppies with counterfeit bills. 

NAPPANEE — Two men have been arrested after one allegedly bought puppies with counterfeit bills and the other led police on a multi-county chase, according to the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office.

Officers were advised on Thursday evening that David Stewart, 21, of Chicago, was accused of buying puppies with counterfeit money in Allen County earlier that day.

At 8:29 p.m., after a deputy arrived at a house in the 71000 block of C.R. 101 in reference to fraudulent activity, he watched a car matching the description from the puppy purchase pull up at the house. He then saw Stewart get into the passenger seat of the car. When the officer went up to the car with his weapon drawn and told Stewart and the driver, Zamarco Manns, 24, to step out of the vehicle, the two drove off.

Manns led the officer on a chase reaching speeds at above 100 mph, police said. He drove into Marshall County, where he lost control on 3B Road by Beech Road and ran off the roadway and into a ditch. Stewart and Manns were then arrested.

Police found a box with approximately seven puppies in the back seat. Stewart’s phone had a navigation app set for the Chicago area, police said.

Stewart admitted to buying the puppies with the counterfeit money, though he said he didn’t know that the money was counterfeit, because he received it in a bank envelope. An officer with the Allen County Sheriff’s Office said Stewart had taken off before receiving a receipt when he bought the puppies.

A search of the car led police to find four additional puppies behind the driver’s seat.

Police also found $5,200 in counterfeit bills in the car. The bills all had the same serial number. They had Chinese writing on them and did not feel like real bills, police said.

Stewart was charged with the counterfeiting.

Manns, after being handcuffed, managed to slip his handcuffs to the front of his body and refused to put his hands behind his back. He had to be pulled out of the vehicle twice, police said.

Manns was charged with resisting law enforcement, reckless driving and assisting a criminal.

Police did not report on the condition of the puppies.

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