GOSHEN — Home internet service using the county’s fiber optic network is on the horizon, though how to reach it and what it might cost still have to be determined.

The Elkhart County Board of Commissioners voted Monday on an initial pricing model of $20 per month for a fiber-to-the-home pilot project. They intend to make the county’s dark fiber optic network available to residential and home business customers, now that they have a little more experience offering it to commercial customers.

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The delivery of high speed broad band to the home , sounds simple. But bringing this to reality is more complex. The county's infrastructure provides a network over which service providers deliver internet services to businesses an homeowners. The County cannot offer those services. Our pilot will be building the infrastructure to the home, but a private entity still needs to provide the service. The $20 mentioned in the article may or may not be the final cost, that is what the pilot project will help determine. However, in addition to that cost will be the cost of the internet service . Our hope is the county infrastructure will eventually provide a competitive environment to provide those services. Initially the total cost of the infrastructure and the service may be closer to $100 to month

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