GOSHEN — The Elkhart County Commissioners approved the purchase of two new dump trucks with the help of a clean-diesel grant.

Commissioners voted Monday to buy two tandem-axle truck chassis from JX Peterbilt, Fort Wayne, for $129,100 each. They also voted to purchase two dump truck bodies for $156,305 each from Lindco Equipment Sales, Merrillville.

Commissioners opened bids for each truck component on July 8. They ranged from $124,000 to $134,000 each for the chassis and $125,000 to $156,000 each for the body.

Highway Manager Charlie McKenzie said the bids he recommended weren’t the lowest ones the county received, but the bids did meet the specifications the department set as well as the schedule they have to follow. The county received a DieselWise Indiana Clean Diesel Grant, which reimburses 25 percent of the cost but comes with a number of requirements and deadlines.

“We already got awarded, we just have to meet the requirements for the DieselWise Grant,” he told the commissioners. “We have to have the trucks in, completed, and two trucks retired – ‘retired’ meaning destroyed.”

The grant comes from an Indiana Department of Environmental Management program. The Indiana Clean Diesel Coalition, which includes South Shore Clean Cities and the Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition, helps with grant acquisition.

Since the purpose of the grant is to get older vehicles off the road and replace them with newer ones with better emissions, McKenzie said they have to destroy the engine block but can still take other parts they may need off the truck.

He said the county uses the trucks for everything from snow plowing to road sealing. He said they have a lifespan of about 15 years.

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Hmmm....15 years for a truck's lifespan?? Guess they must be trading in 16 year old trucks. I am sure that there is nothing that old in the fleet....So much for the new guy, as clueless as the last!!

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