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Opponents of a $3 million health education grant applaud after its defeat Saturday.

GOSHEN — A crowd of outspoken residents broke into roaring applause Saturday after they convinced county officials to reject a $3 million grant for health literacy for underserved communities.

It was a decision that shocked many onlookers, who are still struggling to understand how county officials could be swayed by what they view as false information and conspiracy theories. And it threatens to set a precedent, as a suggestion came at the Elkhart County Board of Commissioners meeting two days later to reject other grants for fear of the actual or imagined terms they carry.

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Pillow guy, that’s all you got Joe? You have no shame.

Joe King

History will not be kind to the GOP and this leadership. When did they become so scared and ignorant when it comes to science and medical professionals? They deserve whatever karma throws at them while they take their horse dewormer….we are the laughing stock to the world


Yes Joe we are the laughing stock of the world. We have 200,000 people pouring over our southern border every month with no health checks or vaccinations, yet we are demonizing our own citizens for not taking a shot even though they have natural immunity from having the COVID flu.

We left American citizens behind in Afghanistan, begged, and trusted the Taliban to provide us with security at the airport and the result is 13 dead and many other military personnel wounded. Then Biden decided to get even and drone strike an SUV in retaliation and killed 10 innocent civilians in the process as his top commanders advised us it was a righteous strike. How could things get any worse? Oh well inflation is rearing it’s head and it adversely affects the poor, as groceries, gas and utility spikes are up 20 some percent.

So we can agree on something Joe, the world is laughing at us, except France, our long time ally who just brought their ambassador home in a fit of rage.

How can it get any worse, just wait, it will. But you stay in the basement and don’t let that bogey COVID man in Joe.

(Edited by staff.)

Joe King

At least he isn’t getting his expert advice from a pillow guy…


So Joe.... what's your excuse for the national picture? About 50% fully vax rate for the US! Hmmm... DemonRat White House, DemonRat House, and the Senate votes DemonRat also! Most % of black and brown voters are DemonRat. There is absolutely no reason or need to spend a million bucks a year just to educate these minorities! The ignorance lies in your mind and the DemonRats. I love how you continue to parrot DemonRat rhetoric. Never an original thought! Eh Joe?

Revolution 1776

No need to track the Amish.. leave them be, they’ve been persecuted enough

andrew slwiercz

next election vote

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