GOSHEN — The Elkhart County Commissioners approved funding Monday for a number of bridge maintenance projects this summer.

Commissioners approved a $150,000 appropriation from the Major Bridge Fund for deck sealing on five bridges. The bridges include:

n No. 159, which carries Old C.R. 17 over the Elkhart River

n No. 176, which takes C.R. 17 over the Elkhart River and C.R. 45

n No. 177, which takes C.R. 17 over U.S. 33

v No. 367, Lexington Avenue over the St. Joseph River

n No. 401, Wilden Avenue over the Elkhart River

The Johnson Street bridge over the St. Joseph River was originally on the list for this year but was removed due to the City of Elkhart’s River District construction work, according to Highway Engineeer Kent Schumacher.

He said the road will be closed while the sealing is being performed in each case and then reopened to traffic. Each closure could last one to three days, depending on the length and width of the bridge.

Also Monday, the commissioners approved a $375,000 appropriation from the Motor Vehicle Highway Fund for traffic control during the 2019 road chip and seal program and to purchase loaders. And they approved a $25,000 appropriation from the Road Maintenance and Construction Fund to purchase supplies including road signs, supports, barricades, reflectors and road cones.

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