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Recycling sites in Elkhart County will be cut from 15 to five.

GOSHEN — Elkhart County will cut its recycling drop-off locations by two-thirds next year as the costs to operate them continue to pile higher.

The number of drop-off recycling sites scattered throughout the county will decrease from 15 to five, said Solid Waste Director John Bowers. The remaining sites will be in Goshen, Elkhart, Nappanee and Middlebury, meaning Bristol, New Paris and Wakarusa will lose their bins.

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Beep! Beep! Beep! Put it in reverse here Joes! My statement was part sarcasm and part information. A lib like you cannot identify these facts! Any governmental department must pass a state board of accounts audit! Sure, sounds like your last sentence of landfill and money in the bank, lends itself to a conspiracy. I'm sure you have had interaction with the State! Right?


And again..... We will do the right thing, but only if it's profitable. Our grandchildren will be grateful in 50 years as they inherit the results of Global Warming and disregard for the environment. Say what you want, but the evidence is overwhelming that we are headed the wrong way. How many Christmases do you remember in the 1960's-80's that had no snow and 60 degrees? Practically every year now....

Joe King

come on...its 2021 soon to be 2022... This is going backwards. We need more recyling or the entire county should offer it for pickup and offer a fee. The $300,000 collected at the landfil should help off set this. and they should raise the $1.50/ton a little more to help cover new cost. Elkhart Truth, it would be interesting to hear how much money the Landfill has in the "bank" that should have been spent towards recyling efforts and why are they sitting on that high amount?


Joe. Are you suggesting that the solid waste management department of Elkhart County, is operating at a profit, and not applying that profit correctly? Wouldn't that be illegal? And would not the State Board of Accounts be the one to contact? I do think they audit governmental agencies! Or is this just a what if from Joe's mind? Another conspiracy!!!

Joe King

oh fire....why is everything a conspiracy with you and GOPers? Who said anything about illegal or "for profit"? You and your foil mind need to stop listen to conspiracies and fox news. Money that could be spent to provide the service or the drop off locations are not be used. Ill make it easier so even you can understand it...Look, you have a person in charge of the landfill; they make money by charging how much and by weight of what goes into the landfill...while the same person also is in charge of recycling which is trying to prevent stuff from going to the landfill... Doesn't make sense...conflict of interest....


Isn't this a shame! For the last 35 years I have done the correct thing with my trash! I have recycled glass, metals, paper, and cardboard through the recycle station in Bristol. Now it will disappear! As will my recycle efforts! My options are a 17+ mile round trip to Middlebury or a 22-mile round trip to Martins on Bristol Street Elkhart! At current gas prices that's about another $150 + a year! Looks like all my trash will now go to the ever-expanding Elkhart County landfill. I tried!

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